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Weapons (Halo: Combat Evolved)

Halo: Combat Evolved Weapons


Assault Rifle

MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System
60 Rounds
This rifle is gas-operated and magazine-fed. It fires 7.62mm armor-piercing rounds. Rate of fire is limited by a soldier’s ability to aim, fire and change magazines. Short, controlled bursts are more accurate than fully automatic fire. The MA5B’s integrated computer displays rounds left in the magazine and relative direction for point of reference.


M6D Personal Defense Weapon System
12 Rounds
This pistol is a recoil-operated, magazine-fed handgun. It is issued with a smart-link scope capable of 2x magnification. It fires 12.7mm semi-armor-piercing, high explosive rounds. It can shoot either semi-automatic or automatic fire.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle System 99C-S2 Anti-Matériel
4 Rounds
This rifle is a gas-operated magazine-fed weapon. It is issued with a smart-linked scope with two levels of magnification. Low-light amplification can be activated on the scope as well in low-light areas. It fires 14.5mm armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot rounds. The 14.5mm round is an anti-materiel round and can easily over-penetrate several armored soldiers.

Rocket Launcher

M19 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon
2 Rounds
The M19 SSM is a man-portable and shoulder-fired rocket launcher. It has two major components, the launcher and the magazine. The magazine contains two 102mm shaped-charge, high-explosive rockets. It is designed for fast, easy detachment from the launcher. The launcher contains the 2x sighting and fire control systems.


M90 Close Assault Weapon System
6 Rounds
The shotgun is a pump-action magazine-fed (dual tubular non-detachable type) weapon. It fires 8 gauge magnum (3.5″) rounds. This weapon is very effective against targets at close range and may be used to engage several targets simultaneously at medium and long range.

Fragmentation Grenade

M9 HE-DP Grenade
Carrying Capacity of 4
The M9 high-explosive, dual-purpose grenade is a thrown fragmentation device. Use it to suppress or disable vehicles, except tanks. It can be thrown, rolled, bounced or ricocheted into places direct fire weapons can’t reach. Increase the angle of the throw to toss it farther, or to get it over obstacles.


M7057 Defoliant Projector
100% ‘Charge’
The M7057 Defoliant Projector is a standard chemical flamethrower which projects and ignites a stream of volatile, semi-liquid adhesive. Flamethrowers are cumbersome, difficult to aim, and effective only at short range. However, they are excellent suppression weapons, and against unshielded enemies or structure they are devastating. The M7057′s volitile liquid ammo is very hazardous. Once exposed to the stream, the flames stick to the target for several seconds.
*The Flamethrower made it’s appearance on the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved


Plasma Rifle

Type-25 Plasma Rifle
100 Battery
This is a directed energy weapon. It’s capable of either semi-automatic or automatic fire. Continuous rapid fire overheats the weapon. Use of the Type-25 Plasma Rifle depletes it’s battery.


Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher
20 ‘Needles’
The Needler fires semi-homing crystal shards that explode approximately ten seconds after being launched and ignore most forms of personal energy shielding. While one explosion produces fairly light damage, several crystals exploding in succession can multiply the damage to fatal levels, and even more crystals in the same enemy will produce a large explosion.

Plasma Pistol

Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol
100 Battery
This weapon is a semi-automatic directed energy weapon. The weapon has a secondary fire mode which consists of an over-charged bolt. After the over-charged bolt is launched the weapon has a temporary cool down period. Use of the over-charge and single shot of the Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol depletes it’s battery.

Plasma Grenade

Type-1 Antipersonnel grenade
Carrying Capacity of 4
This weapon is a thrown anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapon. It has some kind of internal mechanism that allows it to distinguish between targets and background. It has a three-second fuse that is activated after it sticks to a target or otherwise comes to a rest.

Fuel Rod Cannon*

Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon
5 Rounds
The Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon is an indirect fire weapon. It’s explosive projectiles follow a parabolic trajectory. The impact of a fuel rod is powerful and effective against vehicles and infantry alike. The Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon is the main weapon of the Covenant Hunters, though they use a slightly different version where the weapon is directly integrated into the Hunter’s armor. Rapid fire of the Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon overcharges it’s battery and has a cool down period.
*The Fuel Rod is wieldable in the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved

Energy Sword*

Type-1 Energy Sword
A deadly energized blade used by Zealot Elites and Field Master Elites. The Type-1 Energy Sword has a failsafe that renders it useless once the wielder has died.
*The Energy Sword isn’t wieldable by the player

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