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Vehicles (Halo 4)



DESIGNATION: F-41 Exoatmospheric Multirole Strike Fighter
MANUFACTURER: Misriah Armory
CREW CAPACITY: 1 operator
PRIMARY ARMAMENT: Autocannon [M1075 ASW/AC 35mm MLA] (2)
SECONDARY ARMAMENT: Missile Launcher [M6088 ST/MMP] (2)

The F-41 Broadsword is a versatile and well-armed A/X strike fighter typically used to engage equal or superior enemy craft in low- to zero-gravity conditions. As its kind has few equals within humanity’s known arsenal, the Broadsword was designed to address the incredible speed and firepower displayed by a variety of Covenant fighters.




DESIGNATION: Mobile Anti-Aircraft Weapons Platform M510 Siegework/Ultra-Heavy
MANUFACTURER: Acheron Security
CREW CAPACITY: 3 crew + 20-30 passengers
SECONDARY ARMAMENT: Rocket Turret [M79 65mm MLRS] (2)

The M510 Mammoth siegework has no equal in size, firepower, or tactical faculty within the UNSC’s mobile planetside support contingent, making it one of the most powerful ground assets ever designed by humans. At roughly 70 meters in length and carrying numerous mounted support weapons and materiel caches, the M510′s most significant attribute is its topside rail gun, designed to target and eliminate hostile vessels, weapons, and even fortifications residing in terrestrial or even suborbital positions.


MANUFACTURER: Materials Group
CREW CAPACITY: 1 operator
PRIMARY ARMAMENT: Machine Gun [M655 20mm HMG/AM]
SECONDARY ARMAMENT: Missile Launcher [M5920 35mm SGML/AM]

The Mark IX Mantis ADS is the result of half a century’s worth of development and iteration, eventually culminating in an incredibly powerful armor system without equal. Utilizing an ultra-heavy four-barrel machine gun on one arm and a viciously potent multi-launch high-explosive munitions launcher on the other, the Mark IX is an extremely competent arsenal and is currently only employed by the UNSC Infinity and several highly classified ONI teams.





DESIGNATION: M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle
MANUFACTURER: AMG Transport Dynamics
CREW CAPACITY: 1 driver + 1 passenger

The M274 Mongoose is a light all-terrain vehicle used almost exclusively for the transportation of personnel and materiel. However, when rear-positioned passengers are well-armed, this vehicle can become particularly formidable in combat, balancing the ATV’s speed and maneuverability with the passenger’s considerable firepower.



DESIGNATION: Dropship 79 Heavy – Troop Carrier
MANUFACTURER: Misriah Armory
CREW CAPACITY: 3 crew + 10-14 passengers
PRIMARY ARMAMENT: Autocannon [GAU/53 70mm MBHRC] (2)

The D79 Pelican dropship is the primary method of troop and equipment deployment within the UNSC. With a relatively proficient armament, reasonable armor, and the capacity to effect transit both in and out of atmosphere, the Pelican is an incredibly versatile asset in almost every theater of war. Some D79 units have been upgraded to include a far more superior armament, utilized as heavy gunships rather than troop carriers.


DESIGNATION: M808 Main Battle Tank
MANUFACTURER: Acheron Security
CREW CAPACITY: 1 operator + 1 gunner + 4 passengers

The M808 Scorpion is easily the UNSC’s most prominent main battle tank, offering impressive firepower and effective anti-infantry suppression as well as substantial resiliency and maneuverability in the field. The Scorpion is usually deployed during asymmetric ground assaults, within escort convoys, or in any circumstance that requires heavy and mobile armor.




DESIGNATION: M12 Force Application Vehicle
MANUFACTURER: AMG Transport Dynamics
CREW CAPACITY: 1 driver + 1 passenger + 1 gunner

The M12 Warthog is the UNSC’s primary ground transportation vehicle, offering several variants typically differentiated by their bed-mounted weapon systems. Although some Warthogs are designed solely for transportation, most offer extremely versatile anti-aircraft or anti-armor options, which optimize the vehicles’ light armor and deft mobility.




DESIGNATION: T-26 Ground Support Aircraft
CREW CAPACITY: 1 operator
PRIMARY ARMAMENT: Plasma Cannon [T-26 DEW/L] (2)

The T-26 Banshee continues to be the Covenant’s primary aerial-engagement vehicle providing efficient ground support from above via its twin-linked plasma cannons and heavy fuel rod weapon. Despite its slight frame, the aircraft is surprisingly resilient in combat, largely due to its incredible maneuverability in atmosphere.





DESIGNATION: T-32 Rapid Attack Vehicle
CREW CAPACITY: 1 operator
ARMAMENT: Plasma Cannon [T-32 DEW/L] (2)

The T-32 Ghost is the Covenant’s dominant, single-manned scouting vehicle used for everything from deep reconnaissance and remote patrol to assault runs and convoy escort. A testament to its field effectiveness, the T-32 has remained largely unchanged for centuries, utilizing a single-mount rear-positioned seat, twin-linked plasma cannons, and excellent mobility, regardless of the terrain it finds itself deployed in.




DESIGNATION: Deployment Platform T-56 Ground Support/Ultra Heavy
MANUFACTURER: Achoem Weapons
CREW CAPACITY: 1 pilot + 1 weapon officer + 30-40 passengers
PRIMARY ARMAMENT: Plasma Autocannon [T-56 PEW/M]
SECONDARY ARMAMENT: Plasma Cannon [T-52 DESW] (4)

The T-56 Lich is the Covenant’s largest mass deployment platform, providing a heavy armament and high-volume troop/materiel deployment. Deployment platforms such as the Lich are rarely documented in human combat, as encounters with the vehicle usually result in its complete domination of all resisting forces.




DESIGNATION: T-44 Troop Carrier
MANUFACTURER: Achoem Weapons
CREW CAPACITY: 1 pilot + 1 weapon officer + 20-30 passengers
PRIMARY ARMAMENT: Plasma Autocannon [T-44 DEW/M]
SECONDARY ARMAMENT: Plasma Cannon [T-52 DESW] (2)

The T-44 Phantom is an earlier variant of the notable line of Covenant dropships. Its prominence is largely attributed to its armor’s resiliency in both atmospheric and exoatmospheric environments, its exceptional speed and maneuverability, and its reasonably distributed firepower. These factors make the Phantom one of the most significant vehicles deployed by the Covenant during the assault or occupation of a given site.


DESIGNATION: T-26 Assault Gun Carriage
CREW CAPACITY: 1 operator + 1 gunner
PRIMARY ARMAMENT: Heavy Plasma Mortar [T-26 35cm DEM]

The T-26 Wraith is a large, heavily armored Covenant mortar tank designed to assault enemy fortifications with unrelenting brutality while maintaining relative safety due to its anti-infantry plasma cannon. Powered by a boosted gravity drive, the vehicle is capable of charging forward in impressive bursts of speed. The Wraith’s primary weapon is its heavy plasma mortar, which lobs highly explosive, concentrated plasma in a parabolic arc, resolving most human battle tanks’ problematic line of sight requirement.




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