Official Confirmation of Launch Day Halo 4 Specializations

A Microsoft Spokesperson has confirmed to us at GuiltySpark that on day one players will have access to Wetwork and Operator as Specializations. I hope this clears up any confusion players had concerning the launch day Specializations. Contrary to what Halo Waypoint (and the Halo Bulletin) has listed and what IGN has stated in their articles, Pioneer will not be available at launch. Here is the official statement.

“Two Specializations – Wetwork and Operator – will be available to all players when “Halo 4” launches on Nov. 6. The “Halo 4” Limited Edition ($99.99 U.S.) includes access to all eight Specializations. Specializations are attainable once achieving level 50 in your Spartan career.

All Specializations will gradually be made available to download through Xbox LIVE in the months following launch for no additional fee, giving fans a continuous supply of new multiplayer content to look forward to as they progress through their Spartan career. Stay tuned for additional announcements.”

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For a full look at the Halo 4 Specializations including Operator and Wetwork please take a look at our Specializations page.

For those of you wondering, check out this article about unlocking Specializations early if you just have the Standard Edition: On Halo Council

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  • GioFoSho

    What about the email microsoft sent out saying that if we played by Nov. 20 we get access to all 8 once high enough level?

    • Hawkeye9901

      That’s still valid. If you play on November 20th then you should get access to them. Halo Council has an article about it. http://halocouncil.com/content.php?r=962-Play-Halo-4-On-XBL-by-November-20th-Receive-6-Specializations-Early From my understanding of this, Standard Edition players will get access to the 6 specializations ON November 20th.

      • GioFoSho

        We get a code mailed to the email our account is linked with. My concern is.. once we reach SR-50 will we have all 8? including the 2 that everyone starts with?

        • Hawkeye9901

          Yes. You get access to em’ so you can pick a Specialization and rank it up once you get to level 50. Specializations each have separate ranks 1-10.

          • GioFoSho

            lol i got that! im just trying to figure this whole actual thing out lol
            We start with 2 (originally)
            with microsofts email
            we get all 8?

          • Hawkeye9901

            Yes. You get access to all 8 with the email code. Sorry if I wasn’t clear :)

          • GioFoSho

            youre good!
            I honestly dont know how i found your site, but i am sticking with it! lol

          • Hawkeye9901

            Thanks I appreciate that :) I’m glad you found this place. It’s a lot of fun running this site.

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