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Kevin’s Halo 4 Wishlist

I’ve been a big dreamer when it comes to Halo which may lead to me getting let down by the sheer realism behind the game’s releases. Wishing for things like a bunch of new weapons, crazy locales, new enemies and crazy Forge concepts have been spinning around in my head with Halo 4 for quite some time. When Halo 3: ODST was back in the days of being called Halo: Recon my mind went wild with ideas for things that could be in the game. A squad based campaign with Spartans doing covert missions, real fast paced stuff on the Halo 3 engine with a group of 4 doing all kinds of stuff. Sadly that wasn’t the reality of the game, but I’d like to think that the sky’s the limit with Halo 4. So here’s some of the things that I wish to happen in Halo 4. Some of it might come true, and some of it might be a longshot, but it’s a highly opinionated piece so let’s just go ahead and delve right into it.

Spartan Ops

Spartan Ops is where I see a lot of potential in Halo 4. An episodic campaign aside from the main story, wow oh wow it’s like two campaigns in one game. What more could you ask for? Picking loadouts, selecting class-types and having the missions try to cater towards a specific class one week possibly over the others which would encourage groups of Spartans to work together in order to meet their objectives. I hope that 343 does a good job with these and doesn’t tail off with the story as the game goes on. Right now it seems like it has a definitive ending, but I hope that these missions can go on for over a year which may seem ambitious but it would certainly add to the replayability of the game. Giving characters with depth to them is critical too. With Halo 4 we don’t quite know where the story will go which adds a huge amount of mystery to the main story in itself which is great. With Spartan Ops we can hang onto the characters without knowing if this mission will have a main member of the story biting the dust or betraying the team or messing something up causing another death or potentially a capture by the enemy. This is unlike Halo: Reach where we know that everyone dies at some point and the effect isn’t as strong. This game mode has a ton of potential and I’d hate to see it become a mode that players will neglect in Halo 4′s life span.


Halo has had a serious weapon overhaul over the games cycle of titles. The Battle Rifle has fallen out in favor of the Silenced SMG, then for the DMR and now it’s back in full force which is great so that’s a positive right there. I like that they kept the DMR, brought back the Carbine and some of the other familiars that we’ve seen in damn near every other Halo game. The main thing I’d like to see here is variety. That’s the key to me liking the weapons in this, because I want to see a ton of them. This is where it gets truly ambitious but why can’t we have a bunch of weapons in a Halo game if we can toggle some on and off for different game modes. I feel like Halo’s customization features could allow for a boatload of weapons in this game without the fear of throwing the weapons out of balance. I say, just throw all of the weapons from previous games and new ones into the mix. Who cares if we have SMG’s, Assault Rifles, Plasma Rifles and Plasma Repeaters all in the same game. It would be cool to be ‘that guy’ who runs into battle with a silenced SMG and a DMR, or wants to pack a bit more of a punch with the Shotgun and the Battle Rifle. It all comes down to the players preferred style of playing the game so if people liked using the Mauler, then why not have the Mauler in the game? Or if people like the Beam Rifle then why not keep it in instead of substituting it out for the good ol’ Focus Rifle in Halo: Reach. Maybe we’re better off without the Focus Rifle, but it wouldn’t hurt to just throw the damned thing in for some variety. Certain weapons like the SMG could be a tad more effective at close range or have different customization options to them or have a bit faster reload time that players may want to use in Spartan Ops or in certain multiplayer matches. Having more weapon options also lets the MLG scene get a chance to see what fits into the MLG metagame. Also, ditching the Shotgun for the Scattershot is just not going to make me happy. I want both of em in here, and the Brute Shot to boot!


Driving this would be fun

Moving right along from weapons that should be in the game, I really would love to see more vehicles kickin around in Halo 4. Seeing some of the more obscure things like the Spectre is probably wishful thinking but it’s entirely a possibility. Guaranteed the Prometheans are going to be sporting some kind of transportation in the game which is going to be exciting to see and the list just wont end for what I want to see. Like the Mauler I’d love to see the return of my personal favorite, the Brute Chopper, as well as the Prowler. In all honesty I want to see the Brutes make a comeback too but that’s for another category entirely. Other drivable vehicles that would be fun would be the obvious Warthog, Mongoose, Ghost, the Hornet, the Falcon, Revenant, Banshee, Wraith, and the Scorpion. To add to that list it would be great to see some of the Halo: Wars vehicles which are more likely to fall into obscurity but would be cool to see nonetheless. Seeing at least one Scarab is almost expected. Even just seeing them in the battlefield or in a cutscene would be more than awesome. Some vehicles that will make an appearance are big transports like the Phantom, Pelican and bigger cruisers on both the Covenant and UNSC sides. The UNSC Infinity is going to be pretty integral to the story which will be neat to see and having a bit more involvement with a Pelican would be a welcome thing as well. Possibly a sequence like in Halo: Reach where you have to fly as a gunner in the back of a Pelican. What would be a really welcome return would be space combat with Sabres, Longswords, Banshees and Seraphs. Possibly adding a multiplayer mode with this would be a welcome feature, but just including it in the campaign for a segment would be just as good.


As mentioned before the Brutes would be a welcome enemy to fight against in Halo 4. They were a ton of fun to fight in Halo 3, and seeing them garbed in their power armor and wielding all of the cool Brute weapons and vehicles for you to loot and take over

would make me very happy. The Brutes may not make it into Halo 4 but I really really want them in this game. The Covenant are a given, and we’ve seen gameplay which included some Elites and some Grunts. We’ll see some of the Covenant usuals and the beauty of the Covenant is that they are an ever expanding group of aliens so the ranks of expanding Covenant wont be a surprise. Jackals can stay but Skirmishers really need to be taken out or at least fixed. I’d hate to say nerfed, but fixed is a better word. Skirmishers would take way too many hits in Halo: Reach and could take consistent shots to the head and still not get felled. If they get their hit detection fixed and die like they’re supposed to then I really wouldn’t mind fighting the Skirmishers as they run and jump incredible bounds. Drones will hopefully make another appearance in Halo 4. Most people didn’t really like the Drones and they even got taken out of Firefight but I didn’t find them to be too much of a nuisance. They created an atmosphere of the ‘oh crap gotta hide and be smart’ moments. It really added suspense to the parts where they made appearances in the Halo campaigns. Aside from the usual Covenant baddies that we’re likely to see like the Hunters there isn’t too much I can say about the Covenant. A new group of bad guys may emerge in the Covenant ranks but until more news comes out then these are the Covenant I’d like to be shooting at this November. Here’s where the list becomes more ambitious with the next enemy group which is most likely not going to happen in Halo 4, but I’m not going to count them out of the Reclaimer series of games just yet. The Flood. The Gravemind was killed and the Flood are kinda done and over with but maybe at some point in the series we’ll see them come back into the fray. With the Covenant having a civil war over helping the humans, the Didact supposedly causing trouble, the Prometheans and the UNSC poking around then the Flood may be a curveball that 343 will throw into the story. Would it be neat to see them in Halo 4? Yes, but will it happen? Nah probably not. Lastly, the Prometheans are the enemies that are going to be a big part of the next few Halo games. These are Forerunner guys so we’re going to see a lot of metal and orange blasts coming from these guys. I like the Promethean

Knights and the Crawlers. Some big Hunter-esque Prometheans would be cool, and maybe some sniper units or something. I’m not too sure what these guys will pan out to be like, but I do like the spinning whirlybird guys and the little exploding crawlers make me think of a more potent Flood creepy crawly. It seems like the Prometheans will be taking the Flood’s place as the other guys that you fight but I still have hope that the Flood will make their return and we’ll see the Covenant and the UNSC team up to take out a potential Flood invasion and then take out the Promethean giant ball and save the universe all over again. (Seems far-fetched but a fella can dream can’t he?)


The Forge mode is going to be in Halo 4. That being said, I love what was done with Forge World in Halo: Reach. But all of those rocks and the sleek look of the classy lookin Forerunner steel just blurred together way too much for my liking. Give more variety in textures of the environments and building blocks and give players a playground to put these things to use. A copy and paste feature would be shnazzy as well as a hotbar of favorite pieces. Having a group function that could copy certain groups of pieces would be a welcome addition and being able to possibly set weather or lighting conditions would be another great Forge function. Fully fledged options instead of just having filters would be the most ideal option with a cycle of time that passes over the environment. Being able to have the sun set or rise over an elapsed match or after rounds would be a fun thing that might implore players to use certain abilites like Promethean Vision at night time. Keeping things like setting angles, rotation, and nudging pieces with a definitive scale is expected. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


"I won't let you leave this planet" Did she say it to Chief or someone else?

Don’t make Cortana go too crazy too fast in Halo 4. Maybe have her get a few setbacks and then have her finally ‘die’ in Halo 6 or whenever they decide to end it (Most likely 7.) I like Cortana and the idea of working with her character has been interesting to see especially in Halo 3. Everyone gets the idea about rampancy so it wont come to a shock when Cortana finally hits the deep end.

Tell a bit more about Chief. He’s a cool guy and I think that the Halo community gets the fact that he’s a stoic character. Keep on telling a good story with him and possibly give a bit of background but keep it within his means. Material like the books would be great to touch upon indirectly or even just slightly by the Chief or others about him in their own asides.

Tell more about the Covenant. When it’s just the UNSC and not anyone else like in Halo: Reach then it becomes less of a struggle and turns into just a tale of cops and robbers. When the Covenant have no depth other than target practice then the story gets old real quick. I think the Covenant civil war struggles could be a great plot to encounter in the game which wasn’t really present in Halo: Reach. Even Halo 3: ODST managed to make the Covenant have some kind of presence other than being in the line of fire for the UNSC. They gave Engineers some story elements and it worked. The Elites are likely going to be the prime leaders of the Covenant with all of the Prophets out of the picture unless another pops up so we’ll see (hopefully) The Arbiter and the Shipmaster and maybe some new Elites that take on bigger roles as anti-UNSC-Covenant relations which give the Chief an enemy to fight. Keeping em’ as nameless baddies wont cut it though.

Prometheans are going to be big in this story so the word Forerunner is going to be tossed around a lot. Are there going to be any Forerunners on this Dyson Sphere? Will the Didact be here as rumors suggest? I want to see our site’s namesake Guilty Spark’s likeness in the game. Sure the original Spark isn’t around anymore but other monitors that possibly police the Forerunner shield world with their quirky humour and demeanor would be a great addition to the wishlist. I’m just hoping for an engaging story that will make me look forward to the continuation in Halo 5, and keep me excited as I play Halo 4 and not think to myself, “Ok this is the Sniper mission, next is the Scorpion Tank mission.” Halo 4 needs to take what Halo 3 had and make it even cooler.

Lastly, make Spartans cool. Give a reasoning behind them and make the Spartan IV’s badass and kill lots of

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the Covenant and Prometheans. Spartan’s don’t need to be comprising all of the main characters but having them as a main presence in the story alongside the Chief is essential to Halo 4′s campaign. Having Chief butt heads with them a bit may be neat to see as well considering they’re two different breeds of soldiers. Having support characters the play the Sgt. Johnson role, or Lord Hood, and Miranda Keyes are going to be present in the next few games so Halo 4 is where the foundation for support roles are going to be built. It’s a necessity that these characters fit into the Halo world and tell a good story.

And with that, that’s my wishlist. The list is always changing, and I can’t wait for Halo 4. I hope you’ve enjoyed the highly opinionated article. It focuses a lot on the story and has some very wild but potentially plausible suggestions/ideas for Halo 4 and the rest of the Reclaimer series of games.

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